Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal

Carpet Cure Offers 2 Pet Odor Removal Treatments…

cool-dog1. Minor Odor Treatment

In this treatment an odor eating enzyme will be applied directly to odor causing spots. Although this treatment is a valiant attempt, it is NOT guaranteed.

2. Major Odor Treatment

In this treatment, we completely saturate the carpet, backing, and cushion (pad). This is a very extensive treatment that ensures we get to the source. This treatment is guaranteed. *There may be cases when the furniture, walls and baseboards are contaminated preventing us from guaranteeing the removal. We will advise you in advance.  A visual description of this process has been placed at the bottom of this page.

UV light Detection

When pet odor is detected in an area to be cleaned, we use a UV light to ensure adequate assessment of the contamination.  Often, there are odorous sources that you cannot see until illuminated with a UV light.  This is why most urine treatment kits that are sold in stores include a weak version of this light.  If all sources are not located and treated then complete odor removal will not be successful.  We do not charge anything to use the UV light because it is such a necessity when dealing with urine.

Urine Control

Please note that when cleaning urine spots, there is a difference between cleaning the urine soiling and treating for odor. Cleaning existing urine spots MAY NOT remove any associated odor. In fact, could INCREASE the odor in the air space for a temporary period of time. If you are experiencing an odor problem, there are 2 Urine Odor Treatments available. See below for an explanation of both odor treatments below.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a floor or fabric, it is in an almost “neutral” state which means it is easier to remove when it is fresh. Once it dries, it turns “alkaline” and becomes more difficult to remove. If left for days or weeks, depending on the fabric or floor type, it will permanently change the dye structure, therefore causing permanent staining. Even if the soluble deposits are removed, the damage to the dye structure may already be done.

**This means that no one can guarantee complete removal of all urine spots. Please consult with your technician if you have questionable urine spots on your carpet.

To prevent permanent staining in the future, clean urine spots immediately by blotting with a white terry cloth towel or plain white paper towels until no moisture is transferred. To clean the spot, mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water and massage (don’t rub) into the spot with a white terry cloth. Once you have “flushed” as much of the urine out as possible, blot with dry cloths until dry to the touch. *If you have a small extraction machine, flush with fresh water until spot is removed. *DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER, GENERAL SPOTTERS OR EXTRACTION DETERGENT. IF YOU DO NOT USE THIS FORMULA, ASK US ABOUT SPECIAL PET SPOTTERS.

Sub Floor Extraction with the Water Claw Tool


freepe8The affected area is carefully saturated with a special solution. The solution is then extracted with a tool called the “water claw”. The water claw draws the solutions from the backing and pad back to the surface for removal. This treatment is the most thorough available without pulling up carpet.

We provide Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal services through all of middle Georgia from Warner Robins to Griffin, GA.