Carpet Stains that Can Be Removed

Often times when professional carpet cleaners are called upon to take care of stains or spots in carpets the first question will inevitably be “can you get it out”? If the first response out of the tech’s mouth is a resounding “yes”, then you might want to look into hiring someone else. The truth of […]

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How Can Spots on Carpet Keep Coming Back?

“They’re Baaack!” Have you ever wondered why spots return after having your carpet cleaned?  There are two main reasons that spots return? Reason # 1: Wicking. Many times, the spot that is being removed has seeped into the backing of the carpet. This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in […]

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Expert Carpet and Floor Care Guide for Macon, GA

If your carpet has been through the natural lifestyle of most flooring, then you are in need of professional help to keep it looking new and inviting.  However, many carpet cleaning companies take their customers to the cleaners rather than cleaning their carpets. This guide is all about helping you find an excellent carpet cleaning […]

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Allergy Alert

What To Do When You Move Into A Home That Previously Had Pets? People with dog and cat allergies can experience ill effects that range from mildly annoying to downright irritating. If you or someone in your family has allergic reactions to pets, you may already be aware that the cause is generally dander. Dander, […]

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