5 Expensive Reasons to Avoid the Cheapest Carpet Cleaners

The old saying goes “good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good.”  Well, there is alot of truth in that old saying.  People have learned this over the years.  What happens when you buy the cheapest car you can find?  It may look good on the outside but it lacks reliability and ultimately has a high cost in repair bills! 

Often times the cheapest or “lowest priced” service company will end up having the “highest costs” to you over the long run.  Let me illustrate.  Here are 5 expensive(high costs) reasons the cheapest(low priced) carpet cleaners should be avoided.

  1.  Low priced carpet cleaners cut out anything that is not required.  Did you know that the carpet cleaning industry isn’t regulated?  You don’t have to have any certifications or insurance to become a “professional” carpet cleaner.  Because of this, our industry gets filled with uneducated and sometimes downright unscrupulous cleaners.  The lowest price cleaner is not going to have the money to acquire or keep up their education in this field.  They’ll also avoid paying for things like liability insurance or worker comp insurance.  This leaves you as the consumer vulnerable and liable if anything goes wrong. 
  2. Cheap cleaners often can’t afford to maintain their equipment.  Do you want a service company that can’t fix things that go wrong with their equipment?  Mechanical things do break down if not maintained so what happens when the equipment isn’t working properly?  Your carpet can be ruined in a worst case scenario but at the very least your risks are having a carpet that can’t be properly rinsed and extracted resulting in over-wet carpet often filled with a soil attracting residue.
  3. Cheap cleaners can’t afford good quality help.  Being the lowest priced company means you definitely can’t pay good wages.  This results in high turnover when better opportunities come their way.  Background checks are expensive and therefore often left out.  How important is it that you know who you are inviting into your home?
  4. Low priced cleaners buy the lowest priced tools and cleaning products.  Our industry is filled with very good high quality expensive cleaning products but it is equally filled with products that aren’t worth the jug they are stored in.  Do you want the best cleaning products or the cheapest being used on your expensive flooring?  Often times, a cheap cleaner may over dilute their cleaning products to make them last longer.  We see this alot with carpet protectors.  Many customers feel that carpet protectors like Scotchgard don’t work because they had a poor experience with it in the past.  I’ll tell you they DO work if they are diluted properly and applied from a dedicated application container.
  5. The lowest priced service companies typically go out of business within the first few years.  Most small business don’t succeed.  In fact I think the number is around 80% that fail within the first 5 years.  Running a small business is already hard enough.  If you are the lowest priced company then you simply can’t keep up with your expenses to operate the business.  Many close down and go do something else.

There is one notable exception to where a low priced carpet cleaning company will succeed for a while longer than expected.  That is when they employ bait and switch tactics.  This is where a low price is used to get you to hire them and then once they are inside your home they find creative ways to increase the bill and even tack on hidden charges to get the price up to where they needed to be in the first place.  This is dishonest and a black eye in our industry.  You can avoid these bait and switch cleaners by asking the right questions during your initial interview with the service provider.  We have posted a video about this on the home page of this website..http://www.carpetcleanersmacon.com

For help in hiring a professional service company follow these guidelines…..http://mycarpetcure.com/how-to-select-a-carpet-cleaning-company/


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